What is a Ringback Tone?

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What is a Ringback Tone?
A ringback tone is basically the sound you hear when calling a person on the phone. With this audible sound, the caller will know that the call is active and that he/she is just waiting for the called party to pick up the phone. Though the ringback tone may not be synchronized with the actual phone ringing on the called party’s phone, it is an important indicator that the communication line is not busy.

Most ringback tones are generated not on the actual phone handset but on the phone company’s switching system. This means that phone users are not required to download to their own phones the ringback tone that they prefer in case they want to have it customized. Modern phones nowadays, especially mobile phones, offer customizable ringback tone features.

Ringback tones that can be customized are a great feature for lots of people who want to be able to have a personalized touch for their phones. Many telecommunications companies offer such customization for ringback tones with some doing it for free and others offering it with a fee. Some people are simply bored with the traditional ringback tones which are considered very generic and outdated.

The great thing about ringback tones is that one can choose existing music files on his/her phone or choose tones and music files offered by the telecommunications company. Users may also opt for full-length songs by favorite artists instead of short and simple ringtones. Cellphone network providers offer a wide variety of ringback tones for subscribers to choose from. Various music genres are available for free and some for a fee. Whether phone users and subscribers prefer pop, rock, hip-hop, or R&B ringback tones, nowadays there is plenty to choose from. There are even phone companies that offer the latest tunes and themes from movies, old and new. This means, phone users will not only be able to choose music hits from top music charts, but also favorite themes and songs from box-office movies.

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  1. ECT ringbacks

    May 5, 2011 4:14 am

    The great thing about ringback tones is that one can choose existing music files on his/her phone

    Sorry, but that is not true. Ringback tones are a service provided by your network carrier. If you search the forums on the topic it is always the same question: “How do I get ringback tones on my phone?” And the answer is pretty simple: You don’t.
    They are not stored ‘locally’ on your phone, but have to be provided by your carrier.


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