What is a PSV license?

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PSV licenses refer to Public Service Vehicle licenses in the UK. These licenses are required for operators of so-called public service vehicles or vehicles that are intended for public use. When a vehicle is intended for hiring by about 9 or more passengers, the operator of this particular vehicle must secure a PSV license in order to have the legal rights of transporting its passengers to their desired location. In the same way, PSV licenses are also required for small vehicles that can carry a few passengers and charge them for their fare or journey.

There are 4 types of Public Service Vehicle licenses for operators in the UK. Most of the operators apply for the standard – national PSV license. As its name suggests, this type of license allows operators and public vehicle companies to do their business within the UK only. For commercial operators who wish to extend their operations outside of the UK, they should get the standard – national and international type of PSV license. For this type, public vehicle companies may bring their passengers to destinations that are located within and outside of the United Kingdom. This type of license is proof that the operator is legally allowed to do business in the UK and even outside of the country.

For small-scale public transport services, people may try to get the restricted PSV license. This license covers up to 2 vehicles with a maximum of 8 passengers total. This type of PSV is applicable for those who wish to use their private vehicle in offering temporary or sideline transport services. In the case of a regular worker who happens to have an extra vehicle or two and wants to offer them for transport services during weekends or holidays, he/she may try to get a temporary operator’s license in the form of the PSV restricted type. For those who wish to have a taxicab service within a certain locality in the UK, the PSV license they should apply for is called a special restricted license.

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