What is a MFT intern?

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A MFT intern refers to a Marriage and Family Therapist trainee. At this level, MFT interns still need to accomplish several requirements in order to become a licensed and certified Marriage and Family Therapist. Qualifications and requirements may have some variations in different states across the US, but MFT interns are generally required a certain number of hours of supervised work and need to take licensure examinations in order to become fully certified as a MFT.

In most states, MFT interns will need to start their training while still in school. The internship program is often referred to as the student’s or trainee’s practicum. Being a MFT intern also requires certain units to be accomplished before any supervised counselling work can be done. In most cases, basic subjects in psychology must already be covered before a student can become a MFT intern. Subjects like psychopathology, ethics, and basic psychotherapy are common prerequisites before one can become a MFT intern. Students who become MFT interns are also expected to accomplish other requirements into becoming licensed Marriage and Family Therapists.

During the practicum of MFT interns, clinical supervision may be administered by licensed and senior MFTs, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, and even certified clinical social workers. It is at this time that students will learn hands-on experience of what they will do for a living in the future. The MFT interns will be able to diagnose mental disorder s, conduct therapy sessions, and develop the best treatment plans for their patients once the training program is completed. After completion of the required hours in the practicum or internship program, MFT interns just need to take the licensure exams in order to legally practice as Marriage and Family Therapists. In some states, at least two exams are required to become fully certified MFTs. In most cases, clinical hours rendered after degree completion may also be required or part of the MFT certification program.

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