What is a LXF file?

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LXF files are files that have the .LXF extension and are associated with the computer designing program of LEGO. Through the LEGO Digital Designer program, fans of LEGO toys and bricks can create digital designs of their own.  These personal designs can then be uploaded to the LEGO website for actual ordering of the personalized bricks.  The LXF files will serve as the storage file of the individual and personalized design of the bricks.  These files serve as the visual reminder or the screenshot of the design created by any user on his/her computer.  When users want to retrieve previous designs made through the LEGO Digital Designer, they can simply look for the corresponding LXF file and view their own designs.

Using the LEGO Digital Designer is made easy and fun by the people behind LEGO.  The main value of this designing application is that people can customize their LEGO brick sets and create intricate and elaborate designs of their own.  Some people use the LDD app simply to be creative and do various concepts in their customized brick designs.  There are also people who actually upload their own designs and order them as actual toys and bricks.  With the LDD application, a person’s LEGO toy or brick collection may be enhanced and added with his/her own designs using the details as stored on LXF files. The best thing about storing LXF files is that people can go back to them and edit whatever they want with their own design before the actual ordering of the brick package or set.

Another great thing about the LEGO Digital Designer app is that users may also customize their own box or packaging for their personally-designed bricks and toys.  There are also various categories to choose from using the LDD app.  Users can create their own structures, buildings, cars, and other mini-figures using the colored LEGO bricks.  Once the design is done, users will simply save them as LXF files and upload them to the corresponding website and indicate the details of their order.  This service provided by LEGO ended in January of 2012.

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