What is a Link?

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What is a Link?
A link may be a text, an image, or an object that when clicked or selected will connect from another object, image or redirects to another Uniform Resource Locator (URL). A link uses hypertext is typically highlighted when hovered by a mouse. The function of a link is to connect a user browsing the web to another location. The location may be another URL, another part of the web page or another object or files.

Links are very important especially with search engine optimization (SEO). SEO’s goal is to increase the traffic of a particular website. Generally, the idea is to make a website more visible to Internet surfers, web visitors, or if the website is meant for business, it must be easily located by prospective clients.

Typically, there are advertising methods that are considered effective. Traditional methods such as printing the URL of your Internet business in brochures, letterheads, business cards, or any other print ads do work. However, a large percentage of Internet users utilize the power of the search engines. For this reason, Internet business owners must focus in utilizing the power of search engines to achieve increased visibility of their website.

Traditionally, search engines crawl the World Wide Web. Websites were crawled and published online by search engines such as Google and Yahoo. However, the number of websites enormously grew at an incredible phase. This resulted the search engines to create and formulate new methods to be able to determine what pages to prioritize.

Meta tags have been heavily used by the search engines in order to find web pages. Those website owners who have a lot of experience knew how to take advantage of the Meta tags. Meta tags are keywords contained in a website, which search engines use to build their listings. Unfortunately, such experienced webmasters abused Meta tags by using unethical business method, which is known as spamming. The result was Internet users were directed to websites that are not related to their search terms.

This has led search engines to think again of another way to prevent spamming abuse used with Meta tags. Although links are already in use by websites, search engines do not carry much emphasis on such links. Links are not much used by search engines when it comes to their algorithms. In the past, a link is just a simple text or texts crediting other websites for their published content. A link can be compared to a book’s footnote, where a source is acknowledge or a way to refer from some else’s work. For several years, a link or links seemed not to matter.

On the other hand, SEO made an importance out of these links, which seemed to be useless in the past. Nowadays, gathering links or back links has been increasingly important or relevant. At present, search engines, specifically Google has been relying on links to determine the popularity of a particular websites. With the use of links, a website can drive an increase traffic resulting to massive visitors.

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