What is a JWT Pop Charger?

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What is a JWT Pop Charger?

A JWT Pop Charger refers to a short ram aftermarket air intake system produced by JWT or Jim Wolf Technology.  These particular air intake systems are called Pop Chargers because they basically boost the performance of cars that run on internal combustion engines.  JWT, or Jim Wolf Technology, is a company that is involved with offering various car modification products especially for the Nissan and Infiniti brands.

As a short ram type of air intake, JWT Pop Chargers serve as replacements for the generic filters on the intake tube.  They are placed at the distal end of the intake tube which typically rests within the engine bay.  With the JWT charger properly installed, air will basically travel at a much shorter distance from the filter to the engine throttle.  With this reconfiguration, the engine throttle will perform more efficiently, and it will also result in increased power generated by the engine at high levels of RPM.  The JWT Pop Charger literally boosts engine power by making a way to try to shorten the distance in which air travels from the filter to the throttle.

For the expected result in improved throttle power, though, the JWT Pop Charger must be installed correctly and properly.  There are also people that argue that JWT Pop Chargers may actually decrease throttle performance because they may cause the air to heat easily because of the shorter distance it travels from the filter through the throttle.  But short ram air intakes like the JWT Pop Charger typically have some form of heat shield to ensure that air remains at a stable temperature and thereby produces the desired effects of more engine power at higher RPMs.  As engine experts would say, the placement of filters like the JWT Pop Charger plays a big role in terms of directing air flow inside the intake tubes.  The better the air flow is, the more power is generated by the engine.

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