What is a hybrid car?

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A hybrid car is one equipped with two systems to run the engine. In a typical setup, hybrid cars have both gasoline and electric engine systems. The gasoline engine system is similar to standard cars and is usually the main source or propulsion power for the car. The electrical component meanwhile is typically provided through a battery that is able to store and use energy that is lost or not consumed by the mechanical gasoline engine. In hybrid cars, both the gasoline and electrical components of the system work hand in hand to get the most out of the car in terms of power and fuel consumption. Hybrid cars are manufactured across the world to literally address people’s dependence on gasoline as fuel source for cars. By adding an electrical component, hybrid cars are designed and expected to provide better fuel efficiency and maximize the engine power through the gasoline and electrical components.

Standard gasoline vehicles are said to be one of the main culprits in the carbon dioxide emission problem across the globe. The burning of fuel is said to contribute further to the worsening problem of global warming. With this concern, many industrialized and vehicle-producing nations started to produce more energy-saving and efficient vehicles. By the year 2000, some automobile companies are able to produce commercially-viable hybrid cars that make use of gasoline engines with accompanying electrical components that serve as the secondary engine. For many experts, electricity is considered the cleanest source of energy and this is the main reason why the electrical component is first used and developed in the automobile industry.

With the technology involved in hybrid cars evolving and improving, some automobile manufacturers are in the process of testing other types of hybrid cars. Hydrogen and oxygen are being studied and tested as so-called fuel cells that can help create clean and efficient electricity for tomorrow’s hybrid and electric cars.

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