What is a Horseradish?

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What is a Horseradish?

Horseradish is a vegetable that comes from the same family as that of cabbages, broccoli, mustard, and wasabi. This particular vegetable is widely grown in many parts of the world mainly because of its medicinal roots. This perennial plant is said to be native to the western parts of Asia and/or southeastern parts of Europe.

As a vegetable, horseradishes are typically used as condiments rather than as real vegetables. It has a hot and spicy taste which is said to be ideal seasoning for meat products. Horseradishes are typically grated or spread over rib cuts or beef. Some also use sauces made from horseradishes for use in salads and pastry sandwiches.

In terms of its nutrients and health contents, horseradishes are good sources of magnesium, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus. Raw horseradishes also contain a significant amount of Vitamin C which is essential to fight off common diseases. Its roots are also widely used as medicinal herbs especially in the treatment of respiratory illnesses. Many claim that horseradishes are good for those with coughs, sinus congestions, and bronchitis. Some use it to treat the pain and discomfort in arthritic joints. Others believe it also helps relieve muscle pain, gallbladder-related illnesses, colic, and urinary tract infections.

Horseradish is also known to be a potent diuretic and is effective for those who easily retain fluids causing edema in the extremities. This vegetable is also known to have glucosinolates along with broccoli. This substance has been studied and known to help prevent cancer. But as with other medicinal plants, horseradish may also cause some side effects which may include diarrhea, stomach upsets, and vomiting among others. And although medicines or supplements that contain horseradish are relatively safe, pregnant women and children below four years of age are to take caution before commencing medication. In these cases, immediate consultation with doctors is advised.

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