What is a HLP file?

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HLP files are “Help” files that are part of computers installed with the Windows operating system from Microsoft. Its contents include various details regarding Windows itself and various other programs. These details may include basic information about the program or application and the associated instructions for setup and troubleshooting. Whenever a person encounters problems with Windows or a specific program, he/she may try to check the information contained in the HLP file.

HLP files are also referred to as WinHelp files or online help files. These files are said to be based on RTF or Rich Text Format and are used since the early Windows 3. 0 versions. HLP files were the standard help files for Microsoft until the Windows XP version of their popular operating system. By the time windows vista was released, help files that have the .HLP extension were removed. According to Microsoft, this move was necessary to encourage developers and programmers to create newer formats for help files.

since help files or HLP files contain program documentation, troubleshooting and repair tips, the data involved may be extensive. With so many information involved or associated with HLP files, some of them may be accompanied by CNT files which basically indicate the “table of contents”. This particular file is helpful when browsing through specific information or tips in a long and information-rich documentation or HLP file. Whenever a file with .HLP extension is opened, another file called the GID file is automatically created. The GID file extension indicates some data regarding the HLP file including the corresponding size of the window and its location in the computer. In terms of opening and decompiling HLP or windows Help files, there are actually quite a number of application tools for this purpose. Decompilation may be needed in order to check on the source document of the HLP file. After HLP file decompilation, several other files will be created with each file corresponding to a specific source.

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