What is a hair toner?

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Hair toners are products that help even out hair color and texture after several hair treatments like bleaching and coloring. Many people typically have hair color concerns when they frequently add color to their hair. Some colors or highlights may be unwanted. There are also cases wherein the color of new hair that grows from the scalp does not match the part of the hair that has undergone bleaching or coloring. To even out the hair color and match the color of the new hair with the old and colored parts, hair toners are used and recommended by hairstylists.

Many people may have hair color problems after months or years of undergoing different hair treatments and styling. Some people may have undergone bleaching to have light hair while others went into hair dying techniques to have a different color or to put some color highlights to some areas. Over time, these colors may fade and the roots will have a different shade because of new growth. Using hair toners will help ease this problem in terms of evening out the shade of hair color. The color shade of the hair roots will be adjusted to blend better with the rest of the hair color. Unwanted shades may also be darkened or lightened using hair toner for balanced look in terms of hair shade and color.

Aside from giving the hair with even colors, hair toners also provide a healthy shine to hair. In most cases, hair that has re-grown typically possesses a healthy shine especially when exposed to sunlight. Previously treated or colored hair typically appears duller. With the help of hair toners, the shine will be applied from the hair roots to tips resulting to a healthy glow. Hair toners basically work the same way as nail polishes because they provide a protective coat and shine to the hair.

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