What is a GSM phone?

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What is a GSM phone?
GSM phone refers to mobile phones that use the technology called GSM or Global System for Mobile Communications. These phones are said to be 2G or second generation phones wherein data is handled digitally. It is said that most of the world’s mobile phones use GSM technology. This allows for easy and hassle-free international roaming without having to change phones.

GSM technology started in Europe back in 1982. It was during this time when several countries in Europe decided to come up with a standard for mobile phone systems. By 1990, the initial specifications of GSM technology were laid out. A year after, the first GSM network was set up in Finland. By 1993, mobile phone subscribers to this new technology breached the 1 million mark with support from 70 telecommunications carriers in 48 countries around the world.

GSM phones have become popular because of several upgrades to older analog versions of mobile phones. One such upgrade is its encryption technology which gives more security to the call or data transmission. GSM phones also feature the famous SIM card which is able to store personal information of the user and his/her contacts. With this SIM card, users will be able to swap phones without losing the contacts list and details. GSM technology also started the implementation of cheap SMS or short message service. With this feature, people are able to communicate with friends and/or relatives with compatible GSM phones through “text messaging”. Text Messaging has become a very popular communication tool using GSM phones because this service often comes very cheap. Worldwide, millions of text messages are sent every single day.

Today, newer phones are equipped with 2.5G or 3G technology which are capable of video streaming, video calling, and internet connection among other features. But 2G GSM phones continue to dominate the world market as the phones are cheaper than its newer 2.5G or 3G counterparts.

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