What is a Grudge?

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What is a Grudge?
A grudge is an ill-feeling towards another person which may be strong enough to justify some form of revenge. It usually involves some anger that is felt for prolonged periods of time with an accompanying desire to ‘get even”.

It is but normal for a person to harbor resentment or ill-feelings towards people that have caused them pain and sorrow. People have different feelings and have different ways of processing the events that occur in their daily lives. If one gets hurt, it is part of human nature to retaliate. Some people may forgive easily, but it may not be as easy to forgive for some people. Usually people feel some form of betrayal which leads to bitterness. When somebody gets hurt, it is common that the person feeling the pain would want to dwell on his/her feelings rather than look at the bigger picture and find ways to solve an issue. And when people start to have negative feelings toward other people, it usually clouds their judgment on what is right or wrong. It is during the point of high emotions wherein it is difficult to make sense of a particular issue or concern. Either party will feel that they deserve to have ill-feelings because they were the ones who were hurt.

When issues are not resolved immediately, it usually leads to the development of “grudge” feelings. These are feelings of resentment and anger that one may want to dwell on because of negative emotions. Many suggest that only communication between feuding parties will resolve the emotional issues involved in a particular problem. Some people may want to ignore the situation or the other person as a way of dealing with the issue. But taking this option will only prolong the negative emotions involved. That is why it is essential not to dwell on ‘hurt feelings’ like grudges as this may lead to further complication of the main issue. Instead, many would suggest taking the option of total forgiveness, as this is considered the only way to achieve real peace of mind.

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