What is a GPFS file system?

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‘GPFS,’ or ‘General Parallel File System,’ is a file clustering system developed by IBM.  This particular file system is considered to be very high-performance because it allows very fast data retrieval and is able to store almost unlimited data in a secure environment. With its reputation as a reliable filing system, many of the world’s largest companies are said to use GPFS for their various records and data.  The basic benefit that large enterprises can get from IBM’s General Parallel File System is a high-speed retrieval of information and a very efficient way of managing loads of data.

GPFS basically works through a clustering system wherein large amounts of data are literally clustered for more efficiency.  The best thing about GPFS is that it is able to handle both structured and unstructured data effectively and efficiently.  More than the usual requirements of data storage and security, IBM’s General Parallel File System allows a quick transfer of large data in the system.  This particular feature is perfect for large companies that require frequent transfers of large data files from one location to another. Another great thing about the data clustering feature of GPFS is that it also allows for data retrieval and data transfers from multiple sources or servers. This simply means that regardless of how many servers or terminals are connected to the file system or network, data management can still be done quickly and efficiently.

GPFS also allows for an easy expansion in terms of data storage. With the ever-growing data storage needs of big companies, implementing GPFS is made easy and seamless.  There is also no issue when it comes to file sharing among various units and departments in a large company.  One unit can retrieve data from another unit’s server in a quick and efficient way without the worry of data loss or a security breach.  This is made possible by the filing system architecture and automation possibilities offered by GPFS.  Many enterprises can also easily adapt to GPFS because it runs on various platforms including Linux, Windows, and even AIX.

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