What is a good SAT score?

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SAT or Scholastic Aptitude Test is an exam typically given to graduating high school students for the purpose of college admissions. Some high school students as early as their sophomore years may take the SAT. For a student to be accepted at a reputable school, he/she must have a good SAT score. Most colleges and universities base their incoming student admissions partly from the SAT score. The current testing format of the SAT would result to a perfect score of 2400. Having a score of upwards the 2000 mark is almost a sure way to enter the top schools in the US including the so-called Ivy Leagues. Scores of around 1600 to 2000 up is considered good SAT scores for most colleges across the US.

In terms of SAT scores, different colleges and universities in the US have different admission requirements. SAT score requirements also differ across different courses in the same school. SAT scores that are good enough for one school may not be the same with other schools. Unless a student’s SAT score is among the highest percentile or in the 2000 and above level, he/she is not expected to encounter admission problems to any school. Some of these students may even get invited by the top schools themselves.

SAT scores represent the total of 3 different subjects namely critical reading, math, and writing. Each of these sections have a perfect score of 800 and this add up to the total perfect score of 2400. On the average, getting around 500 for each section will yield a total score of about 1500. This score is considered average and good enough for many colleges and universities. Top schools like the Ivy Leagues typically require around 2000 and above SAT scores. Aside from the total SAT score, most colleges also have requirements on the scores per section. A minimum score is required for each of the three sections of the SAT. Getting a total score of 1600 is generally a good SAT score but if one section falls way below 500, students may still encounter college admission problems.

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