What is a GBA Emulator?

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What is a GBA Emulator?
A GBA Emulator refers to a “GameBoy Advance – Emulator”. In computing terms, this emulator may be a software and/or hardware component that mimics or duplicates the games involved in GameBoy Advance for it to work and function in another platform or computer system. In this case, the games played on the handheld GBA device may be played on other platforms like desktop computers running on different operating systems. This situation is possible through GBA emulators that are specifically configured and designed for a specific platform and computer system.

GameBoy Advance is a video game product from Nintendo and it comes in a handheld device with a 32-bit game console. Released back in 2001, this video game product has already sold more than 80 million units worldwide. With its wide popularity as a gaming product, many people desired that the games featured on GBAs may also be played on various other platforms like desktops and laptops. This is made possible through computer emulators.

One example of a GBA emulator is called “Virtual GameBoy”. This is a software designed to make the games of the original GameBoy handheld device run on basic computers. This particular software product is available for computers with different operating systems including those that run on Windows, Mac OS, and even UNIX. VGB or Virtual GameBoy is one of the first emulator products in the market that specifically targeted games from Nintendo’s GameBoy product.

Some GBA emulators available also run on non-conventional computers like pocket PCs, personal data assistant devices, and mobile phones. The gaming industry continues to grow quickly as more and more people access different types of games from different sources. With the recent trend of “going mobile” in all of technology, video game emulators like those of GameBoy Advance now also cater to customers who want to play the game while on the go. Besides PDAs and cellphones, emulators for GBA also have specific versions for wireless internet devices, DVD players, and even digital cameras.

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