What is a Fuji apple?

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What is a Fuji apple?

A Fuji apple is a hybrid apple variety that was developed in Japan.  Although many people think of Fuji apples as being named after Japan’s Mount Fuji, its name is actually borrowed from “Fujisaki” the town location of the research facility that created this apple variety.  Fuji apples were created by combining two American varieties particularly the Red Delicious variety and the Ralls Janet variety.  Cultivation of Fuji apples started in Japan back in the 1960s, but its distribution to the U.S. and to many parts of the world only started in the 1980s.

Fuji apples are typically spherical in shape and range from a small size to large sizes with an average of 75 millimeters in diameter.  The flesh of Fuji apples is typically white or yellowish in color with a sweeter taste than other apple varieties.  Because of its innate sweetness, Fuji apples have become popular apple varieties in many parts of the world.  With its dense and starchy flesh, Fuji apples are best eaten raw. This apple variety is a great snack in itself and blends well with other fruits and vegetables when making salads.  Its flesh is also thick enough to be used for various cooking and baking preparations.

Aside from Japan, Fuji apples are considered one of the most popular apple varieties in other countries including the U.S. and China among many others.  Many people like them because of their very sweet and crisp flesh.  Another great thing about this apple variety is that they are available for many months of a given year.  They also have a very long shelf life which makes them readily available in many fruit stands and grocery stores.  Aside from its sugar content, Fuji apples are also classified as health foods because they contain various vitamins and minerals that can help provide optimum body health.

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