What is a Fuhrer?

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What is a Fuhrer?
Fuhrer is a term with German roots and it is a form of title given to a particular leader or guide. In its generic sense, somebody in authority of a particular group, organization, or even a whole country is given the title “Fuhrer”. Alternately, “Fuhrer” may also be spelled as “Fuehrer” in both English and German language use. But besides being a title bestowed to some form of leader, fuhrer may also pertain to a driver, a pilot, a manager, a director, or a commander.

The German military use the term “Fuhrer” for a commander of a military sub-unit. Like in cases wherein an Army sub-unit is led by a person who was considered lacking in qualifications to be assigned a permanent post, he is given the title “Kompaniefuhrer” or “Company Fuhrer”. If this particular person has enough qualifications and experience to merit a permanent commander post, he would have been called a “Company Chief” or “Komapaniechef” instead of just some form of “Fuhrer”.

In the German government, the term fuhrer is widely used as designations for state and party leaders. At the time of Adolf Hitler, he declared himself a “Fuhrer”. As time went on and Hitler’s powers increased within the German government, the term “Fuhrer” and “Chancellor” became synonymous with the title “Head of State or Government”. Although there are still political parties who use the word “Fuhrer” for some party leaders, the term became so much attached to Adolf Hitler that for many people it not only denotes some kind of leader but also comes with the idea that this particular leader is a tyrant. This concept of the term “fuhrer” eventually spread to the world and so most people associate this term to Hitler and his style of governance. The term ‘Fuhrer’ evolved from simply being a leader to someone associated with harsh rules and tyranny.

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