What is a European plan?

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European Plan refers to a type of hotel booking wherein only lodging is included in the quoted rate or price. In a European Plan, all meals are not part of the quoted price. Unlike other hotel booking plans, the European Plan is intended for those who wish to have their meals in other restaurants other than those offered by the hotel. In most cases, booking a hotel with a European Plan is an effective way for guests to save some money because most hotel-based restaurants have higher rates compared to other restaurants and diners.

Depending on the guest/s preferences, booking rooms and suites typically involve details regarding the meals. Some rooms can be booked with the lodging services only and without any meals or other perks. In the case of a European Plan booking, aside from the meals, other fees such as taxes may also be billed separately. For people who wish to avail of the lodging services only, booking rooms under a European Plan is their best option. For guests who wish to have some meals included in the quoted hotel rate, other booking plans may be availed. The so-called American Plan is the plan of choice for guests who wish to have all 3 meals of the day included in the room rate. The American Plan is also referred to as the “all-inclusive” plan because the rates include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This plan may also be modified to include only 2 meals like breakfast and dinner only plans. For those who want to include 1 breakfast meal to the room rate, the appropriate plan is the Continental Plan.

When booking for rooms online or over the phone, it is always best to inquire about the details and inclusions of the posted rates. When a room is labelled as a European Plan, it simply means that the room rate does not include any meal.

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