What is a duvet cover?

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Duvets are flat bags that are typically stuffed with down type of feathers, wool, and or other natural stuffing materials. These bags are covered by so-called duvet covers making them ideal for beddings.  Some people refer to duvets or duvet covers as comforters.  The main difference is that comforters are mainly padded sheets that are soft to touch and feel.  The padding in comforters may also be made of feathers, wool, or foam.  Duvets meanwhile resemble flat bags that are stuffed with soft material like down feathers.  The “duvet bag” is then covered with another piece of cloth which is called the duvet cover.  Duvet covers are likened as pillow cases to the actual pillows or duvets.

Many people have duvets instead of comforters.  Duvets cannot be washed and need to be covered for protection.  The covering is aptly called as the duvet cover and this may be made of different types of fabric depending on preference.  Duvet covers are also washable to keep duvets always smelling fresh and clean.  Most common duvet covers are made with cotton, silk, and/or rayon among many others.  Similar to bed sheets and pillowcases, duvet covers also come in different colors and patterns.  Some are even made as reversible covers with one side having one color and the other side with a different color or pattern.

Some people prefer having duvets to avoid the complicated scenario of having too many sheets, blankets, pillows, and comforters in a single bed.  For people who want to have a single piece of sheet or material for warmth, duvets with their covers are great choices.  The only problem with duvets is that putting the covers on maybe quite a difficult task especially for big queen or king-size beds. The bigger the bed, the bigger duvet will be used and this simply means having to put the duvet cover on with quite an effort.

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