What is a Dual-band Router?

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What is a Dual-band Router?
A dual-band router is basically a wireless router that works in the two frequencies under the 802.11 wireless standard. Usually dual-band routers operate in the 2.4 GHz and 5GHz frequencies.

Dual-band routers are an upgrade to single-band routers using only the 2.4 GHz frequency. Dual-bands offer wider range and faster speed of data transfer. They are also more expensive and its features will be maximized only if the devices connected to it are 5 GHz compatible devices. Otherwise, it will just function like single-band routers.

Routers have become more like a necessity these days because more and more people would like to be wired to the internet. In the past, the reliable modem has worked wonders for a single computer to connect to the internet. But since some people need more than one computer to be connected to the internet, routers were born. Routers may be used for multiple computers to connect to the internet using a single broadband service. Some routers are built-in to the modems while others are external devices connected to the main computer or server.

Routers may connect multiple computers to the internet through wires or Ethernet cables. But there are also routers that are called “wireless”. These wireless routers have two types depending on the frequency or bandwidth that it operates on. Single-band routers use the 24.1 GHz band while dual-band routers use the 24.1 GHz and the 5GHz bands. Some people prefer these wireless routers because of the complicated task involved in setting up the wires and cables.

Dual-band routers will only work if the other devices connected to it support the 5 GHz band or frequency. Most routers available in the market can be easily configured with the help of a net browser. One must also make sure that the router has ports for USB and Ethernet cables to accommodate devices that have no wireless connectivity.

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