What is a Ditch?

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What is a Ditch?
A ditch is an excavation on the earth. It may be narrow or deep, depending on its purpose. Some ditches are called canals and are intended for carrying excess water or sewage. Some are long and somewhat interconnected for use in farming. Other ditches are so large; they could be used as waterways wherein you can navigate through it by using small boats.

Drainage ditches are common not only for sewage systems by big industries, but also for the common person. Many people live in places where water accumulates in their property during the rainy season. These people resort to digging holes to protect their lives and their property. The basic idea of drainage ditches is to create some sort of alternative route for excess water. So rather than accumulating in your own home, the unwanted amounts of water will be redirected away through a system of ditches and canals.

Irrigation ditches meanwhile are very valuable in the farming industry, especially to dry lands where water is scarce. In the past, people only farm in places where rain can be expected as a regular visitor. But this practice is not applicable to areas where it hardly rains. The best example of which is Egypt, which is in the heart of the Arab desert region. It was said that the first practice of “irrigation” originated in Egypt. In most farming areas before, Egyptians had to literally get water from nearby rivers to water their crops. They had a system of pulling buckets of water from the river through a rope. This water is then dumped to some sort of canal, which serves as the water reservoir. And from this canal, water will flow to the field. This Egyptian system eventually led to the irrigation ditches or canal system we know today. With draining ditches in place, farming can be done even on areas with low incidence of rain.

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