What is a Cyst?

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What is a Cyst?
A cyst is an abnormal growth in body tissues. It is usually a covered structure wherein there may be depositions of fluid or any soft tissue. Cysts can grow in almost any part of the body and may also vary in sizes. Cysts also have their own membranes and may be classified as benign or malignant in terms of its growth. But generally, most cysts are benign in nature.

The formation of cysts may be due to some underlying medical condition or sometimes it may develop for unknown reasons. Some people will have cysts after an infection, while others have it as a congenital growth. Physical trauma to some body parts may also stimulate some abnormal tissue growth in that particular area. Other conditions that may lead to the formation of cysts are various tumors, some chronic inflammatory diseases, and even parasites.

Most cysts that form in the body are said to be benign. Meaning they don’t pose any harmful effects to the body’s tissues and organs. But depending on their location, some of them could be painful. Examples of this painful cyst are those that form and grow beneath the buttocks. Persons with this type of cysts will definitely feel pain while sitting. Other cysts meanwhile form near the body’s internal organs. Ovarian cysts are an example of internal cysts that are benign but may need to be taken out to avoid complications in this organ. Malignant cysts on the other hand may also occur in any body part and pose a serious health threat. The growth in these types of cysts affects other soft tissues and organs and disrupts their normal functions leading to some serious medical condition.

Cysts are usually examined by aspiration or through biopsy. Depending on its size, location, and type, some cysts are managed with medication while others require surgical excision.

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