What is A CXX file?

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What is a CXX file?

A CXX file is a file commonly associated with the C++ program. Specifically, some files of the C++ program have the extension .CXX. The double X is said to represent the double “+” in C++.

C++ is a computer programme developed by Barne Strousrup back in 1979 based on the original C language. C++ is intended to provide updates and enhancements to the existing C program and involves both low and high-level features. For this reason, the C++ program is considered an intermediate type of computer programming language which can be applied for a variety or general purposes. Back in 1979 though this particular program was named C with Classes but later renamed to its current name of C++ by 1983.
CXX files from the C++ program can commonly be found in many computers and may be encountered by users every now and then because of the programs’ popularity. C++ has been widely used in many applications such as Microsoft’s Windows itself, on device driver files, on embedded applications, on client and/or server applications, and even on video game programs. Another reason for its popularity is that C++ is also offered in free and proprietary versions. But aside from its use in various software applications, the C++ program can also be applied to the design of computer hardware.

When a user encounters a CXX file, he/she may not necessarily know what to do with it. Sometimes there may be errors in the registry files that errors relating to CXX files may pop out. For those who are familiar with these files, they may open CXX files using notepad or other text editor programs. Others may also encounter CPP files instead of CXX files and they are basically the same. Some programmers use CPP instead of CXX to pertain to the “double plus” in the name of the program.

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