What is a Continental Breakfast?

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What is a Continental Breakfast?

A continental breakfast is on offer as a breakfast option at most hotels, lodges and inns. They are usually light and simple, in line with the traditional Mediterranean breakfast. The term ‘continental’ is used here to refer to ‘The Continent’, another term for mainland Europe. Continental breakfasts are usually served à la carte, but are  frequently served buffet-style, especially in bigger establishments.

A continental breakfast is designed to fill a person up until lunchtime. A typical continental breakfast will always include bread. Lower end accommodations usually serve plain or toasted white bread, while more upscale ones offer more variety, including wholewheat bread, French bread, croissants and the like. The bread is usually served with a dollop of butter and an assortment of jams, such as strawberry jam, blueberry jam or marmalade. This fare is also usually accompanied by a couple of pieces of deli meat such as cooked bacon, ham, or salami slices. Some establishments will serve the breakfast with slices of fresh fruit as well.

Continental breakfasts usually come with coffee, tea and/or juices as an accompanying beverage. The coffee can be cappuccino, Americano or brewed. The tea can be plain black or green tea or infusions. There may be a variety of  juices, including orange and pineapple or ‘four seasons’.

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