What is a CMV infection?

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What is a CMV infection?

‘CMV infection’ refers to an infection with the cytomegalovirus.  This particular virus is considered a common virus and doesn’t present any harm to healthy individuals.  There is some cause for concern, though, when a CMV infection affects people who are sick or who have weakened immune systems.  Women who are pregnant and infants who are infected by the cytomegalovirus should also take the necessary medical precautions in order to avoid a serious illness.  The cytomegalovirus typically invades the body through body fluids like blood, saliva, and breast milk.  Once inside the body, though, the cytomegalovirus typically remains dormant and inactive.  In cases where the virus is active, symptoms may develop, and those infected should immediately seek medical attention.

As for newborns and infants that are infected with CMV, some of them may have problems with their eyes and ears.  Other babies may even have brain effects causing some developmental and neurological symptoms.  In the case of pregnant women who have a CMV infection, they may pass it on to their unborn child.  The unborn child may then have a great risk of having abnormalities in the brain and internal organs.  Premature delivery is also common when CMV affects pregnant women.  For older children, a CMV infection that is active may also cause problems in the liver and lungs.  Others, meanwhile, may only get body pain and weakness which could last for a few weeks.  People with weakened immune systems, such as those with existing illnesses, may present with serious symptoms that affect major organs in the body.

Depending on the age and health of the immune system, symptoms of a CMV infection may range from very mild body aches and pains to more serious and debilitating symptoms such as vision problems, developmental problems, and effects to internal organs.  At the early stages where symptoms may seem minimal, medical attention is advised to avoid serious illness and even possible death.

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