What is a CDR file?

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What is a CDR file?

CDR files are files that are created when a person uses CorelDRAW, a vector-based drawing or graphics program.  When a person encounters a file with a .CDR extension on his/her computer, he/she can open this particular file only with the CorelDRAW program.  If this graphics program is not installed on one’s computer, opening CDR files will not be possible.

CorelDRAW is literally a drawing software made by Corel Corporation which is based in Canada.  As a software, CorelDRAW is part of a number of other graphic software called the Corel Graphics Suite.  The latest version is called Corel X6, and this particular program allows for drawing or creating vector-based graphics.

Vector-based graphics are simply based on lines, points, and curves which can be manipulated to create various shapes and designs using digital drawing tools that are part of the CorelDRAW software.  This particular software is compatible with Windows-based operating software which means that people that have Windows XP, Vista, or 7 on their computers will be able to install and use CorelDRAW.  Other operating systems like iOS and Linux are currently not supported although previous versions of CorelDRAW were designed for these other platforms.  With the latest version, though, computers running on a non-Windows platform will not be able to run CorelDRAW.  This also means that there is no chance of opening CDR files under these platforms.

CDR files are the files created when saving a graphics project on CorelDRAW.  This graphics software allows for the creation of various graphics and designs including logos, greeting cards, posters, banners, letters, design layouts, and other graphical objects.  Users of the program just need to use the various tools in the program to create the desired drawing or graphics.  Once the graphics creation is done, the program will then require users to save the project, and this project will then be given a .CDR file extension.

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