What is a Byproduct?

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What is a Byproduct?
A byproduct is a secondary product resulting from the manufacture of a main product. It may be either be an expected result of the manufacturing process or it may come as a surprise for some companies. Byproducts may also be considered useful while some are considered waste materials. For those that are considered useful, some are used “as is” or in its original state, while others need further re-processing. Originally, manufacturers do not have any control in the quantity of byproducts. But recent technologies allow for some control to maximize the production and manufacturing of raw materials. Other companies are also able to take advantage of their own manufacturing byproducts by selling or re-processing them for additional income.

An example of a common byproduct known to man is salt. Though many perceive that salt is manufactured or produced in itself, it is actually considered a byproduct of a process called desalination. Desalination literally means taking out the salt in sea water to make it suitable for drinking. In this case, drinking water is the main product produced by desalination while salt is the secondary or byproduct.

Animal slaughterhouses also result in various byproducts like blood meals, meat and bone meals. These byproducts were used to be considered waste materials from various animals, but items such as blood, chicken feathers, undeveloped chicken eggs, animal skin, excess bones, and other body parts could be re-processed, dried, and made into solid or powder form for use in making various animal feeds and plant fertilizers.

In every manufacturing or production plant, there are “excess” materials that can either be put to waste or be put to good use. It is up to the manufacturing company to take advantage of these extra products to generate extra income. Other companies may also have ‘excess’ products or materials even before the manufacturing process begins. And just the same, these materials could be potential byproducts and be useful and saleable.

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