What is a BSEE degree?

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‘BSEE’ refers to an undergraduate degree called Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering.  As the term suggests, electrical engineering is a field of engineering that deals with electronics and electricity.  All other areas and disciplines that involve computer electronics, power generation, and control systems are major topics under the B.S. in electrical engineering degree.

Students that are taking a BSEE in college or a university typically have lots of subjects relating to electrical systems, computer programming, systems, and design, electromagnetic fields, digital logic, plenty of math-related subjects, and other basic sciences.  Despite the perceived difficulty of these and other subjects, many students are enrolling in a BSEE for great employment opportunities in the future.  In most cases, BSEE graduates need to secure a license to practice their profession.  Once a degree holder and licensed, electrical engineers form part of a large group of people who are responsible for various jobs in the electronics, computer, communications, and power industries.

A licensed electrical engineer may work in the field of electricity or power generation.  With the world’s growing need for energy sources like light and electricity, there is also a great demand for people with BSEE degrees.  In this particular industry, the electrical engineer may be in charge of maintenance of power utilities or deploying new electrical control systems.  Some BSEE graduates may also opt to work in the telecommunications field.  Those who prefer to work with communication networks and mobile technologies may want to have a BSEE degree.  BSEE degree holders may also find several career opportunities in the manufacturing industry, particularly in the making of electronic and household appliances and systems.  Others, meanwhile, may choose to work with computer systems, programming, and development.  Wherever people may look, there is a great chance for a BSEE degree holder to find something to work on or apply his/her skills to.

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