What is a Brunch?

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Brunch refers to a meal taken after breakfast and before lunch. It is taken to replace breakfast and lunch because one woke up too late to take breakfast, particularly when it is planned. It is a term used to refer to it is portmanteau of lunch and breakfast. This term is commonly used in the US and was started as slang by a British student in 1896. Brunch may be served after an event that happens in the morning or just before an afternoon event. Such events include sports and weddings. Usually, it is much more relaxed than lunch or breakfast and is suitable for non-official functions. One of The Simpsons’ episodes defined a brunch as not quite lunch, not quite lunch but comes with a piece of cantaloupe in the end. You usually do not get entirely what you get during breakfast, but you often get a great meal.

Serving Brunch

There are some hotels and restaurants that serve brunch, particularly during holidays and weekends. The brunches are usually self-service buffets though meals ordered by menu are also available. Usually, the meal comprises components of a standard breakfast with foods like pancakes, egg, bacon, pastries, sausages, fruits, ham and the like. However, it may include any other kind of food that is served during the day. When served as a buffet, one can find large pieces of poultry or meat, seafood such as smoked fish and shrimp, soups, salads, different kinds of bread, vegetable dishes and desert of all types. One of the common brunches is dim sum that is served in Chinese restaurants across the globe. This brunch has a wide range of stuffed buns called bao, dumplings, and other steamed, baked or baked sweet foods. Buyers choose what they desire from passing carts fresh foods are continuously prepared in the kitchen and added to the carts.

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