What is a BLDC Motor?

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What is a BLDC Motor?
BLDC Motor or “Brushless DC (direct current) Motor is a type of electric motor that utilizes an electronic version of commutation system rather than mechanical brushes. This type of motor was specifically designed to improve the existing features and capabilities of a standard motor that uses mechanical brushes.

Standard DC motors are considered very simple and easy to produce. These motors employ brushes that take charge of the polarity changes within the electromagnet used. Technically, the brushes are installed to make contact with electrodes that spin around to change the polarity of the magnets. Over time, this process and setup will wear out the mechanical brushes. And because of their constant contact with the electrodes, these brushes will also produce some noise and electrical sparks. Because of these limitations, DC motors were re-designed to make do without the mechanical brushes.

With brushless or BLDC motors, mechanical wear is reduced and overall motor efficiency is increased. This means that less servicing will be done on the motor without mechanical brushes. This also translates to better expense control. With the electronic control of the DC motor, efficiency is increased by improving precision. Less noise and no sparks will also result when the motor is running. The setup of BLDC motors also allows the use of several electromagnets on the stator for improved precision and efficiency. BLDC motors are also able to produce more torque per watt and per weight making them more reliable and dependable choices when compared with the older brushed versions of DC motors.

Both brushed DC motors and BLDC motors are widely used by the manufacturing industry. Depending on needs, some prefer to use DC motor with mechanical brushes for low-cost system projects while other use BLDC motors for efficiency in operations, for higher speed requirements, and for less maintenance issues. Projects done in dangerous environments also benefit from the relative safety of BLDC motors because they are electric spark-free.

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