What is a Based God?

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What is a Based God?
The term “BasedGod” refers to Lil B, a rapper that hails from California in the US. Many people, even those from the music industry, do not actually understand the term “based god”. But the general meaning of the term is that it refers to Lil B’s style of rapping with his self-declaration as the “Based God”.

Lil B or Brandon McCartney is a rap/hip-hop artist who started his career in the music industry with a bunch of people called “the Pack”. Their songs were locally distributed in the US Bay Area with some tracks becoming hits. By 2010, Lil B went solo and released his own album. His popularity in the US, especially among hip-hop and rap music lovers, grew by the day because of his rap-style. His style of rap is said to be vulgar and “uncoordinated” which he himself labeled as “based” type of rapping. And for this reason, he declares himself as the “Based God” or “BasedGod”. Lil B also owes much of his popularity to the social media and online video sites that he frequently uses. These sites include Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube. Because of the millions of visitors to these sites, many have also come across the music of Lil B.

Many people also refer to the term “based” or “based God” as referring to Lil B’s individuality. With his unique and uncoordinated style of rapping, his music promotes not caring what others think and being true to oneself. For Lil B fans, “based” simply means having an individualistic and carefree attitude. And this attitude is brought into the rap music that Lil B is known for. As Lil B explained himself, being “based” is not being afraid of what others might think of you. He also attributes the “based” attitude to his childhood when people used to bully him and make fun of him. For Lil B, being “based” back then was a negative thing but later in life he decided to turn it into something positive by facing the world without fear of what one really is.

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