What Exactly is wlcomm – Windows Live Communications Platform?

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What Exactly is wlcomm ‘“ Windows Live Communications Platform?
A wlcomm.exe is a windows live communications platform. If you are using Windows live messenger and you have the ‘windows live people’ enabled, it generates a background task that is the wlcomm.exe.
The ‘windows live people’ also referred to as ‘windows live contacts’ is a feature in your windows live address book where it allows it to be updated in real time. Meaning if your friend updates her phone number at her address book where she is listed in your address book, her action automatically updates your address book as well. In addition, it happens in the same way if you update yours.

The program, wlcomm consumes too much of space in your hard drive, it may result to your pc running slow than the average run time of a PC. It can consume as much as 38MB of memory and may use up to 30% of CPU time or processing time. Therefore, if you are having troubles with your PC running too slowly, you have an option to disable the windows live contacts feature of windows live messenger.

You can find wlcomm.exe in a sub-folder of your C folder Program Files. In windows XP, its sizes may range from 27, 512 bytes to 204, 252 bytes. However, this may not be visible as it is not a windows system file and it is digitally signed. So to remove this you will have to take it out from your control panel, add/remove programs applet. Technically, its security rating is 36% dangerous as the process sends data through an open port and it transferred to the Internet.

In some cases you pc may be showing pop-ups of wlcomm.exe error. This kind of minimal error messages may seem to be harmless however, if left unchecked it can crash your system and affect all your data and programs in your PC. Therefore, it is then important to fix the problem immediately when your computer shows signs of this error.

The wlcomm.exe error occurs when the application is corrupted or may have been damaged due to registry issue. In some cases, the error occurs when an application is accidentally deleted from the system. You have some options to consider in correcting this error.

The first thing that you will have to do is to perform a registry clean up. You could download a registry cleaner but before doing so, you have to be careful that you are actually downloading a legitimate registry cleaner. There can be several viruses crawling in the internet and sometimes it can pretend to be a registry cleaner. You can have your registry scanned for errors first and run the registry clean up in your computer.

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