What Exactly Is HTH?

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What Exactly Is HTH?
You might have heard of the acronym HTH several times. However, it becomes more and more confusing as you take a closer look at its possible meanings. Well, this article has sorted out all closer meanings to the said acronym and it will provide a profound idea on each of these acronyms.

To start with, HTH has already been widely used in the internet as slang. Go ahead and check out various forums and social networking sites. This acronym is widely used. It means Hope That Helps. Though it sounds good, it is actually used in a sarcastic manner. Thus, when you receive it, it means that someone tries to prove that you are wrong by presenting his own idea. The worst part is if you receive HTH with another meaning. This time it means How the Hell. Well, it really depends on the person you are talking to and the context of your discussion. Yet, there is one more meaning in the internet slang for HTH and it is quite positive. It means Happy to Help.

On the other hand, HTH means an entirely different thing in the field of aviation. It means Heavy Transport Helicopter. It was introduced in Germany in 2003 to serve as a successor to their old helicopters. Yet, sad to say, that until 2015, there is no clear funding for this project. Talking about the good aspects of HTH, it should have helped a lot in the air force of the country already. If given the right support from the government, this could have had raised the air force of the country to a much higher level.

Well, from among the HTH acronyms, the most widely used and relevant is High Test Hypochlorite. This might not sound familiar to ordinary people, but for those who run a swimming pool business, this is very relevant. It is a process by which these pools are tested for its chlorine content. It means that it has to pass a certain level or standard in order for it to be safe and conducive for swimming by people of all ages. It can also be used for those who still make use of wells for water supply at this point in time. The process will then determine the level of safety of the well. If it is safe enough, then it might be recommended for further use. If not, then immediate remedies will be done to make the well safe for continued use.

HTH can stand for many other meanings. However, the ones mentioned in this article are the most relevant, common and widely used. Therefore, the next time you will be asked what HTH stands for, you will just say, it depends! With the right context and situation, there will really be a right meaning for this acronym. As an advice if you encounter the acronym the next time, you had better check out the meaning and idea behind first before doing any reactions or any moves. This holds true in some other confusing acronyms as well.

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  1. Christian R. Conrad

    October 25, 2012 1:53 am

    This article is misleading. Sure, “HTH” in the sense “Hope This Helps” (the version you see much more often has the word ‘this’, not ‘that’) *can* be used sarcastically, but it doesn’t have to. It is still also used quite seriously, to be taken at face value.



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