What does Ulzzang Mean?

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What does Ulzzang Mean?
Ulzzang, or sometimes Uljjang, is a popular term used by South Koreans when describing people who have good looks. The term literally means “best face” in Korean. The term became so popular that people in Korea have contests for the best “ulzzangs” or people with the best faces. Some also reach celebrity status due to its wide popularity on the web.

Typical ulzzangs have more or less the same features. Most have big rounded eyes, have a very light complexion, and have high nose bridges. All these features are envied and hoped for by Koreans who may not well be so gifted physically especially on the face. Some Koreans even go through several cosmetic surgeries just to have the very popular ulzzang look. To make their nose bridges higher and more Western-looking, Koreans sometimes undergo rhinoplasty to repair their noses. And those who want their eyes to look bigger and rounder, they also undergo blepharoplasty, which is a procedure that repairs the eyelid. Some also would undergo surgeries to make adjustments on their jaw and cheek bones, while others have their total bodies “adjusted” for that coveted ulzzang look. For those who are not so keen about undergoing surgery, they do it with makeup and accessories to make them look more Western and more pretty or “best-faced”. Some of these make up and accessory tricks that Koreans use are fake eyelashes, eyeliners, eyelid glue, and cosmetic circle lenses among others.

Most people who want to be ulzzangs and who want to be popular use the internet to spread their pictures and videos showing their faces. Some Koreans even try to edit their pictures using Photoshop to create the perfect ulzzang look. There are also many websites around South Korea holding contests on which ulzzang or which face is the best. Through these contests, some ulzzangs become very popular and become celebrities.

But aside from South Korea, the ulzzang craze has also invaded China, Japan, Taiwan, parts of the USA, Canada, and some countries in Europe.

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