What does IFF mean on Jersey Shore?

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What does IFF mean on Jersey Shore?
IFF stands for “I’m Fucked Foundation” which is another urban term or catch-phrase popularized by the hit reality show, Jersey Shore. In one of the show’s episodes, one of its characters, Pauly D, uttered the catch-phrase or term referring to his situation wherein he cheated on his girlfriend. In the scene, it was implied that the Pauly D’s character realized that he did something really wrong and he expects the worst possible scenario with his girlfriend. Hence the feeling of disgust and defeat on the expression “I’m in the IFF” or “I’m in the Fucked Foundation”.

The urban expression is just one of many catch-phrases popularized by the characters of Jersey Shore. “IFF” is being used by the show’s followers particularly on social networking sites and on text messages using mobile phones. The show has been a source of numerous urban catch-phrases and terms which make it even more relevant to its young target audience. Jersey Shore started airing on MTV Networks back in 2009 with eight main characters spending their summer at the popular beach. All throughout the first and succeeding seasons, the show tackled stories on the life of the young Italian-American characters supposedly living in reality at the beach. The show’s initial episodes garnered respectable ratings but since then more and more of America’s young TV viewers tuned in to the drama of this reality-based show.

On internet chat rooms, social networking sites, and mobile phone text messages, “IFF” is a widely used expression. Some people use the phrase to specifically refer to cheating on a girlfriend and/or boyfriend in a public place. Like when a person is caught by his/her beau with another person, then the caught person is assumed to automatically be part of the “I’m Fucked Foundation”. So if one would be caught cheating then he could say the phrase “My girlfriend just caught me. I’m in the IFF!’

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