What does IDK stand for?

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What does IDK stand for?

IDK is another urban lingo or internet slang that is frequently used by young people. Most of these people spend lots of time texting using mobile phones, chatting in online chatrooms, and posting blogs or shoutouts on the internet. The term “IDK” is simply short for “I Don’t Know” and many people use or type IDK instead of the whole phrase to shorten the message.

When using mobile phones, sending out text messages to friends and/or family is popular especially among the younger crowd. For most mature people, mobile phones are mainly used for calling and/or talking. Texting may not be appealing to this demographic but to others, texting via mobile phones is just similar to online chatting. It is one of the most popular social networking tools and with its popularity comes new terms, words, and phrases. IDK is one of the many phrases used by mobile phone users for a variety of purposes. The first obvious purpose is to shorten the phrase and fit in as many words on a single message. Most mobile phones have some word-limit to a message and so users usually try to shorten words and make abbreviations for common phrases like IDK for “I don’t know”.

In the case of online users, typing IDK on chatrooms or blogsites also shortens the phrase making it easier and faster to type. Sometimes there are also restrictions on the number of words on a particular website for chatting and posting and so users will need to compress their sentences into short phrases or acronyms. So when somebody asks a question that a particular user has now answer for, he/she can simply comment or reply with “IDK” instead of “I don’t know”. Not only will it make the exchange of information faster, it will also somewhat reflect the personality of the person using such terms or acronyms. Those who use them quite often are obviously those people that spend a lot of their time on the internet or texting.

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