What does HDTV ready mean?

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HDTV refers to television sets that are created with HD or High Definition technology. TV screens that are classified as HD have a range of 720 up to 1080 pixels per frame resolution. Lower resolution figures may mean that the television set is either standard or enhanced. Aside from the improved clarity or screen resolution in TV, HD technology may also be applied to broadcasting signals provided by various television networks. Many big TV networks are no broadcasting through HD TV channels. Shows under these channels are featured with a much higher degree of resolution and clarity. With the popularity of HD technology in network or cable television, many TV sets are now labelled as HDTV ready. This simply means that the TV itself does not actually have a screen that is designed with HD technology but rather is only capable of displaying HD-quality video. Television sets labelled with HD TV-ready typically need an external tuning box to display pictures in the HD format.

Having a label of HDTV-ready may confuse some buyers in terms of which brand or type of TV to buy. HD technology in terms of TV screens and broadcast content have become increasingly popular in modern times and this is why some TV manufacturers would want to join the bandwagon and label their TV sets as HDTV ready. Not many people know that TVs with this label does not actually have a HD-quality resolution but actually needs a tuner to be able to display content in HD quality and format. HDTV tuners are bought separately and are required to view HD content or signals. To avoid confusion, some retailers emphasize that some of their TV sets have HD screen resolutions while older models may only be HDTV ready.

Depending on one’s preference, one may choose to buy a real TV that has HD quality screens or opt for the usually cheaper TV with the HD Ready label. The only downside for the latter TV is that one has to buy a separate tuning set or decoder to get HD signals from TV networks.

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