What does FTD mean in Jersey Shore?

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What does FTD mean in Jersey Shore?
FTD stands for “Fresh to Death”, another urban lingo from the popular reality TV series from the MTV Networks, Jersey Shore. Being “fresh to death” means being the coolest and having the latest stuff. It may mean having the latest gear and gadget, wearing the trendiest and newest clothes and shoes, plus an abundant splash of swagger or confident attitude.

Jersey Shore has been a hit show for MTV networks since its first season aired in August of 2009. It features a bunch of young Italian adults living on houses near the beach or on “jersey shore”. The show is very popular among the younger demographic as it features a lot of sex topics, relationship issues among the young generation, and a lot of urban lingo.

Urban lingos and quotes are a big part of the show. FTD or fresh to death is one of the many which became popular among reality TV fanatics. FTD or “fresh to death” is consistent with the show’s basic appeal to its young audiences. Much of American youth culture is centered on being able to join the “in” crowd and not be left on the sidelines. Jersey Shore is one of those shows that feature the dynamics of relationships among young adults. Some associate FTD with other Jersey shore’s famous quotes and lingos such as GTL. GTL stands for “Gym, Tanning, Laundry”. Other than having the newest material things to stay “fresh to death”, one must also look good and feel good by going to the “gym” regularly, do some “tanning” for a perfect beach look, and of course do some “laundry” to keep clothes literally fresh.

But there are also critics of the show and the quotes and lingos that are popularized by it. Some liken “fresh to death” to some sort of joke, wherein fans of the show will likely die if what they only think about is staying “fresh”.

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