What does FML stand for?

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FML is another acronym that is part of urban lingo or internet slang terms.  Many people encounter terms such as FML when chatting with friends or online or when seeing various post and comments by other people on social networking sites.  In today’s world, many terms such as FML are coined regularly to give new life to seemingly old words and phrases.  In the case of FML, it literally means the vulgar or expletive phrase “Fuck My Life”.  People would often type FML rather than the whole phrase when making comments on chat rooms or other sites.  In this way, the expletive part is taken out making it a little more acceptable socially.

Not all people though are fond of encountering the term FML in social networking sites or internet chat rooms.  For people who know the actual meaning of FML, they are still offended by the use of the expletive word “fuck” in the FML term or phrase.  FML is commonly used as an expression when someone feels down or feels like a looser.  Like in the case of some students who may have to study and miss a night out with friends, they may blurt out their frustration by means of typing FML in their profile shoutouts or in chat rooms.  Seeming normal annoyances in life are labeled as frustrating situations and this has led to many people using FML as their own shoutout or mantra when they don’t get what they want.   Since the FML term is considered more socially acceptable since the vulgar F-word is hidden in it, even minors and kids are getting in on the internet slang craze.  This situation has led to frustration for some because more and more people are desensitized in terms of using foul terms and phrases like the use of FML.  The popularity of FML and other internet lingo has not stopped though despite some criticism from other people.  With technology evolving fast, more terms like FML are also expected to be created by the so-called urban warriors or internet-savvy crowd.

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