What does CRV stand for?

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CRV is an acronym used by Honda for one of its popular vehicles. The Honda CRV belongs to the compact SUV or sports utility vehicle category. First released back in 1995, this particular vehicle has become one of the most popular in Honda’s fleet. The CRV in Honda-CRV is short for “Compact Recreational Vehicle” according to some sales brochures that were released in the United Kingdom. There are other versions however from other Honda dealer locations worldwide including “Comfortable Roundabout Vehicle”. Regardless of its actual meaning, this Honda model is now referred to as a crossover vehicle because it combines the best features of a small sedan and a large SUV. Honda CRV is basically tucked in between the small car and large car categories making it a compact and a crossover vehicle. It is large enough and have rugged features that can qualify it as an SUV but also has handling capabilities of a small car making it a true crossover vehicle.

As its name suggests, the Honda CRV is a compact vehicle in terms of features. Power features for example are strong enough for the off-road adventure and experience. Handling and comfort is also similar to small sedans in the Honda line-up making it an ideal vehicle for various recreational activities. Single people who frequently have adventure and outdoor trips can rely on the vehicle’s power and high ground clearance. City dwellers won’t be disappointed too with its car-like handling being a compact type of SUV.

The first generation of Honda CRV was released in 1995 with the basic design and features retained until 2001. The first generation vehicle was then made bigger and given more features in the form of the 2nd generation Honda CRV which was released in 2002 up to 2006. The next five years that followed paved the way for the 3rd generation vehicle and by 2011 up to present times, the 4th generation Honda CRV continues to be one of the most popular vehicles in its class.

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