What does BMS stand for?

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BMS stands for Building Management System and it refers to a computerized way of controlling and/or managing various electrical and mechanical components of a certain building. This kind of system involves both software and hardware components that are managed efficiently through a centralized approach. Many large buildings and offices have various electrical and mechanical components that can best be managed and controlled using a BMS or Building Management System. In recent applications of BMS, it is also referred to as BAS or Building Automation System.

In most basic BMS implementations, the lighting and ventilation systems are managed and controlled centrally. Using special software, buildings may operate the lighting schedule at specific areas as a means of effectively managing energy use and/or conservation. Instead of having people to manually switch the lights on and off at specific times and in specific areas or rooms, automating this particular task using BMS can effectively maximize energy use and possibly save on power bills. In the same way, air-conditioning systems or heating units may also be managed centrally using BMS. For ventilation units, the timing of operation is key for energy consumption and conservation.

Security systems are also common components of a BMS implementation. These systems may include access control for the main entrance to a building and other specified rooms and areas. Security cameras and scanning devices may also be setup under the BMS depending on the building’s needs. Using BMS, security personnel can operate and manage various security components in an automated way and in a central location. The basic concept is that these systems are under automation which will eventually result to a smoother implementation of security policies for a certain building. For many large establishments and buildings, other components such as public announcements, fire alarms, elevators, and plumbing systems may also incorporated in implementing BMS.

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