What does BBM mean?

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What does BBM mean?
BBM stands for BlackBerry Messenger, the instant messaging service exclusive to BlackBerry phones and devices. This messaging service only works for BlackBerry devices through the BlackBerry PIN system. The messaging service and the devices themselves are developed and created by RIM or Research In Motion.

But aside from instant messaging between two BlackBerry phones, BBM or BlackBerry Messenger also allows for the connection of more than two devices in a single session. This is done through chat sessions involving two or more BlackBerry phone users. Another good thing about this messaging service is that messages have no limit in length. Virtually users can type their messages as long as they want. But instant messaging doesn’t stop with text messages. Users can also exchange photos, voice files, map locations, and emoticons via BBM. Another great feature of BBM is that the message sender will receive confirmation if the message has been sent and is read by the recipient. And for music lovers, BBM allows sending of music files across the BBM network. Smartphones can even provide some details on the music file and artist when a particular song is played. Adding of persons on the contact list is also made easy on BBM through barcode scanning and/or PIN sharing.

With its popularity as a great instant messaging service, BBM became part of popular internet culture. “BBM” as an acronym is also widely used as an urban lingo and has now become some form of a “verb” meaning “the sending of a particular message or file”. So when somebody says “I BBMed you earlier”, it simply means that that “I sent you a message through BBM earlier”. And aside from its “verb” usage, “BBM” the acronym is also used as a noun. Like in the sentence “Did you get my BBM?”, “BBM” refers to the message sent by a particular person.

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