What are Public Relations?

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What are Public Relations?
Public relation or PR is an area which is aimed at improving the relation with the public by means of effective communication. Media serves as a platform for communication. Public relations departments function for companies and business intended for the welfare of the public.

The department of public relations plays a critical role in creating a positive image about the company in the minds of the people. It always tries to protect the reputation of the company. They analyze the current trends and even the outcomes of an action. The focus of the PR department will be on a particular lot. From that they will able to develop an idea about what goes through the customers mind. At times they even carry out research on the positive and negative aspects of the company. Thus the company develops an overall view of do’s and don’ts. Public relation people also aim to maintain a healthy relationship between the top managerial level and employees of the company. A successful PR person should be able to build up a very good relationship with journalists and also should be well aware of the current events and happenings. But still the common man perceives the PR people as liars and someone who speaks in favor of the company without protecting the consumer interests. Social networking tools such as blogs twitter and face book has eased the communication process between companies and the consumers. The two way communication process has been possible with the technological advancement. Financial public relations, Consumer public relations, industry relations and government relations are the disciplines of Public relations.

Creative skills are a must for those working in the public relations department. They should also be able to face challenges and overcome pressure. PR department serves as a backbone of the company in this extremely competitive world as people accept only the best from the wide choice open to them.

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