What are MMO games?

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What are MMO games?
MMO or massively multiplayer online games literally means games played on the internet by a large number of people. These are games that are very popular on the internet because “multi” or multiple players can play the game simultaneously. Regardless of a person’s location in the world, he/she can play the game at the same time with hundreds or thousands of gamers.

Most MMO games are interactive games wherein players can communicate with each other using commands and a variety of game tools. These are unlike games of other platforms, wherein there are limitations to the number of players and to the functionalities within the game. With MMO games, players from the North American continent can access and play games simultaneously with players from other parts of the world. The only basic requirement is online access to play a particular MMO game.

MMO games also evolved from basic interaction with players to full role-playing functionalities. This led to the term MMORPG, which simply means massively multi-player online role playing game. This is basically the same MMO game but the only difference is that players will have the chance to assume some sort of a “role” in the game. It’s like the game is based on real-world scenarios but with an artistic fictional twist.

In MMORPG type of games, players may have to option be the good guys or the bad guys depending on what they like. In basic games involving cops and criminals, one player may choose to be a cop, while his friends can play with him simultaneously as the villains and criminals. These types of games are also set in virtual landscapes allowing users to choose different scenes and different tools to use in playing the game.

Games of the past such as arcade games usually only allow one or two players playing the game at the same time. With MMO-Games or MMORP-Games, anybody online can join the fun and play.

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