What are mbps and MBps?

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What are mbps and MBps?
MBps and mbps are units of measurement used in data transfer. It simply refers to the speed or rate of transfer of a particular data from one point to another. This transfer may be from one computer to another, like in cases when an employee sends a file to the company’s server.

mbps means megabits per second while MBps means megabytes per second. 8 bits is equal to 1 byte. With this base conversion value, one can simply say that 8 megabits is equal to 1 MegaByte. And when we speak of data transfer rates, both megabit and MegaByte values may be used using seconds as the denominator. In this context, a speed of 8 megabits per second is just the same as 1 MegaByte per second.

Aside from basic data transfers between a particular company’s computer server and the end-user computers of its employees, mbps and MBps transfer rate measurements may also be applied to the speed of Internet Service connections. Dial-up internet services using basic phone lines is the least expensive form of Internet connection and is usually offered with speeds of up to a quarter or .25 MBps. This means 250 MegaBytes of data can be transferred in just one second. Another Internet service offered by providers use DSL technology which offer faster Internet connection speeds. This particular service could give 1 to 2 MBps of data transfer rate. Though this may be a lot more expensive than dial-up internet connections, using DSL is more ideal for those that engage in video streaming and gaming. For other service providers, they also offer internet connection by using cable technology. This service offers much greater speed than typical DSL internet plans and is commonly availed by businesses that require much faster data transfer rates.

mbps and MBps are just two units of measurement to express transfer speeds. For lower speed requirements, people may choose to use Kbps or kilobytes per second. Those with higher speed requirements meanwhile may opt to use Gbps or gigabyte per second.

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