What are location services on iPhone 4S?

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Location services on mobile phones such as the iPhone 4S helps approximate the location of the mobile phone user when he/she uses certain applications like the Maps feature for example. Many so-called smartphones like the iPhone 4S are now equipped with a GPS or Global Positioning System that can give location information regarding the user. When the location services of the iPhone 4S is turned on or enabled, the phone will basically use up some of the computer’s resources in getting its approximate location. This is done by an inter-change of data or signal from the phone to various GPS satellites spread around the globe.

The location services on an iPhone 4S will work when there is an internet connection. This connection may either be provided by a cellular network or through a Wi-Fi hotspot. Either way, once the phone is online, it will automatically activate its GPS and calculate the approximate location of the user. In the case of using maps for example, the location services of the iPhone 4S and other mobile phones will tell where the user or the mobile phone is and this will help identify a certain route or destination.

Aside from maps intended for navigation or driving, location services may also be used to tell other people’s one’s approximate location at a specific time. When person uses a social networking site and wants to tell his/her friends where he’s at, he/she may indicate a location based on what is detected by the mobile phone or device. Applications that allow people to post pictures online may also have location-based services similar to that of the iPhone 4S. For people with privacy concerns regarding location services, they simply need to disable this particular feature on their mobile phones. For people who are running low on their cellphone battery, experts often advise to have the location services turned off because it consumes quite a lot of the battery’s resources in approximating one’s location.

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