What are Lmhosts Files?

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What are Lmhosts Files?
Lmhosts files refer to LAN Manager Hosts files. These files are typically used along with domains and workgroups in the Windows environment for domain name resolution. Specifically, these text files maps out IP or Internet Protocol addresses to the NetBIOS of remote computer servers via a TCP/IP protocol.

The Windows system operates in such a way that names are used in network-related requests. So instead of IP addresses, the LMHOST text files will help in the name discovery process through TCP/IP. With the TCP/IP protocol, various network requests may now be transported correctly with the aid of LMHOST files.

Lmhosts files are typically located under the %SystemRoot%\System32\Drivers\Etc folder on computers running the Windows operating systems. Exact location may vary though depending on the Windows operating system version.

The Lmhosts text file has several default contents. One such content is “#PRE” which means “preloading” to the name cache. “#DOM:” involves an association of a particular entry to the domain name as specified on the tag. “#INCLUDE ” meanwhile tells the computer’s NetBIOS to locate the specified file declared on the tag and parse it similar to what it does to local files. But before one can have this function invoked, he/she must make sure that mapping is provided for the IP addresses involved. “#BEGIN_ and #END_ALTERNATE tags may be used if the user’s desire is to have many #INCLUDE statements grouped or lumped together.

When a person is shown “ TMS-CNI #PRE #DOM:ITGDAVAO”, it simply points out that TMS-CNI refers to the PDC name and the domain name is ITGDAVAO. In this particular example, the domain name “ITGDAVAO” is spelled out using capital letters. It is important to note that domain names are supposed to be case-sensitive and that the NetBT won’t be able to read and recognize domain names typed in small letters.

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