What are Inza tablets used for?

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Inza tablets refer to a brand of tablets that contain Ibuprofen as its active ingredient.  Inza tablets typically come in 200 and 400mg preparations and are prescribed to stop the inflammatory changes involved in common arthritis-related conditions.  Some doctors also prescribe Inza tablets for patients that experience pain in various parts of the body.  Inza tablets are marketed as effective against pain, inflammation, and even fever.  Classified as NSAIDs, or non-steroidal inflammatory drugs, Inza tablets target the substance called arachidonic acid which is involved in the inflammatory changes in patients with rheumatoid arthritis for example. By blocking this acid which is a precursor to prostaglandins, the inflammation will subside along with relief in associated pain and elevated body temperatures.

Patients with different types of arthritis are the ones that can benefit from Inza tablets.  In patients with rheumatoid arthritis for example, they typically have pain and swelling in their hands or feet. Those with osteoarthritis will also have pain and swelling in various parts of the body as a result of degenerative changes in some soft tissues and joints.  Some people also have swelling in the small joints of the feet due to gouty type of arthritis.  In much of these cases, Inza tablets will help to stop the inflammation and relieve its associated symptoms like pain and swelling.

Aside from arthritis, there are also other conditions wherein Inza tablets can be used and prescribed.  People with inflammation in their tendons, joint bursa, and other soft tissues may also benefit from Inza medication.  These conditions also present with pain and possible swelling and so will respond well to the Ibuprofen content of Inza tablets.  Other conditions that are prescribed with Inza tablets include toothaches, common headaches, and myalgia among many others.  In terms of dosage, the condition involved and its severity will dictate the number of tablets to be taken with its corresponding preparation variant.

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