What are Friends with Benefits?

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What are Friends with Benefits?
“Friends with benefits” pertain to a relationship between friends who often have sexual intercourse but have no commitment to each other. In this type of relationship certain rules are agreed upon and each party must adhere to them to prevent breaking the relationship. No emotional attachment and expectations are involved. Parties just have to be friends, have casual sex often, and that’s about it.

Many people engage in this type of relationship for a variety of reasons. Some friends may resort to casual sex to experiment on the existing relationship. Some are also afraid of commitment that usually comes with a serious relationship, so they resort to finding a friend who may agree to the terms and conditions on being a “friend with benefit”. Others may have difficulty finding and keeping serious relationships and so try to satisfy physical desires by having sex with a friend with no strings attached. Many also do it to get over previous relationships that failed. It is also common for friends to be physically attracted to one another. So it is not a surprise for some to cross the physical boundaries of the relationship and still continue to be friends.

But many advocate that having regular sex with common friends may not be healthy at all to the relationship. Though rules are set and emotional attachments are put to the side, many still get intimately involved with the other. The problem starts when one is “developing feelings” for the other, while the other is there for the physical part of it only. This will definitely complicate things and may end the sexual relationship and even the friendship itself. Having this kind of friendship will also affect future relationships with other people. If one party finds a new mate or lover, it would be difficult for the new partner to accept that he/she is “sharing” his/her mate with another friend. There’s also the issue of honesty and fidelity, as some people choose not to divulge having friends with “benefits”.

Overall, it is still up to the individuals involved on how to manage their relationships. In every situation a person gets into, he/she must accept the possible outcomes.

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