What are fimo canes?

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Fimo canes are clay sticks made of polymer that contain various designs used for nail art. They resemble sticks with specific designs which actually come from various colored rods which are arranged specifically to come up with a design or pattern. These rods are then grouped together to create a stick or cane. Fimo canes are then sliced thinly to reveal the actual design and they can be used as design or ornaments for nails.

Many ladies and girls have created the craze on fimo canes especially that many of these colorful ornaments are available online. Many have encountered fimo canes as possible design materials for glue-on false nails. Instead of the usual designs provided by nail polishes, the use of fimo canes have created more fun and texture to the otherwise dull nails. In one glue-on or artificial nail for example, one can put one thin slice of fimo cane to create a simple look. Some people also prefer to put on various fimo cane designs to add more color and texture to the nail art. The good thing about fimo canes is that they can be sliced so thin which make them perfect as nail ornaments.

Aside from nail art, many people also use fimo canes for various art projects. For young people, their cellphones and mobile gadgets are their target for design. Fimo canes are made with several designs including fruit and flower designs for girls and animal designs or cartoon characters for everyone. For people who are into scrapbooking, fimo canes also provide a great way to create more design and life to a particular photo page. Fimo canes can practically be useful wherever a person wants to have a splash of color and texture. Another great thing about fimo canes is that they are long enough to be sliced thinly several times.

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